Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steak and potatoes

I love associating potatoes with the usual steak meal. My wife is not a fan of mashed potatoes unless they're chunky. So i've tried to experiment with other ways to make them.

My normal way to make my potatoes are to get those wonderful Red Potatoes and cut them into 2x2 inch squares and fry them in some olive oil. after they get a lil brown ill add butter salt pepper cayenne and parsley and simmer them until there just cooked perfectly.

But that got old after awhile so I tried to roast the potatoes. I would use the same idea but just larger chunks of potato and i would mix all of that in a bowl with fresh chopped garlic. I'd then toss that in the oven for 20-30 min until there cooked. I learned the hard way the first time i made them when it comes to evenly cooking them in the oven. YOU HAVE TO FLIP THEM CONSTANTLY. The first time I made them they burnt to the bottom of the pan. So the second time I made them the smarter way and they turned out great.

Now the steak. I will ONLY buy steak when its on sale due to the ridiculous amount they want to charge for a piece of meat. My favorite is the Rib Eye. This week though, New York Strip was on sale.

Usually ill put some spices or some "steak" marinade over night. This time i just went the easy route. Salt  and pepper right out of the wrapper. Literally that easy. But then i had an idea. Ive had these "steak butters" at restaurants and they were really good. I thought ill make my own.

So i took some regular butter and mixed fresh parsley, salt, pepper and just a little garlic powder and mixed it all together.

So while down stairs at the community grill sweating in the nice hot summer heat...(wait..its october). I tossed the steaks on the gas grill.

Got great grill marks on both sides of the steaks and then I added some healthy spoon fulls of the steak butter. Closed the grill and prayed it would work.

I opened the grill and to my amazement there layed the most juicest steak i have ever created. I flipped it over and then again causing a nice flame to shoot up into the steak. My way of steak making has been changed forever. When I got upstairs and pulled out the roasted red potatoes and finished my pasta roni parmesan(easy and quick). I plated.

I put a small amount more of the steak butter on the steak and added a decent amount to the potatoes. When i cut into that perfectly cooked medium rare steak and could just see the juices glimmer from the chandelier over the dining table, i knew id done well. The steak was so juicy and just cooked so well with that nice buttery taste in every bite.

Like i said before I would have loved to use a Rib Eye. But with my Steak butter experiment I had to use a less fatty steak and if you know anything about Rib Eye, it is magically marbled with fat. So these New York strips only had that sliver of fat on the one side of the steak. I could have trimmed it down but then why would I do a nonsense thing like that??

All in all for now on if im cooking a steak I will use my steak butter. Its that amazing.